Surfing the Waves of Your Workload – Individual Session

Sometimes it feels like our jobs are a constant battle against big waves that change all the time. Whether you're a freelance deposition reporter, a CART provider, captioner, official, or even a student, this seminar will give you what you need to hop on your surfboard and shred those waves with ease. Join freelancers Mike Hensley and Lauren Biggins to learn best practices for managing your personal and professional calendar, ways to track everything through spreadsheets galore, and how to increase your client base.

Member Price:  $19.00

Nonmember Price:  Not available to nonmembers.

Eligible for .1 CEU through NCRA

Click HERE to register for individual sessions.  Click HERE to register for the full convention for $159.


Lauren Biggins

Lauren Biggins has been a licensed court reporter in California since 2017.  She grew up in Riverside, California, but now works and lives in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Lauren started her career in CART captioning, and about a year later became a deposition reporter.  She has a passion for stenography and enjoys helping court reporting students achieve their goals.

Michael Hensley

Mike Hensley, CSR, RDR, is a freelance deposition reporter based in Dublin, California. Though he is still relatively new to the profession of court reporting, he has hit the ground running to be a part of all that our profession has to offer. By completing his schooling entirely online, Mike brings a fresh perspective to the concept of integrating technology with court reporting. His true passion is to encourage others to reach for their highest goals and to accomplish them. Along with mentoring several student court reporters, he is involved with state and national associations as the current chair of the Deposition Freelance Advisory Committee for CCRA as well as chair for NCRA's€™s New Professionals Advisory Committee and co-chair of their Educational Content Committee. Mike strives to bring enthusiasm and professionalism to every task he undertakes, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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