The Impact of Vicarious Trauma – Individual Session

This course will focus on understanding vicarious trauma, the emotional exposure that can occur from hearing and seeing other people's traumatic stories. Listening to testimony, and viewing evidence, like criminal cases, involving horrific details, stories of child abuse, and even civil cases, can be traumatic. We will analyze how vicarious trauma can impact people in different ways, potentially creating problems that may cause a mental health condition or burnout. The goal is to develop professional awareness and to recognize the need for self-care. This course will be taught as a facilitate student-centered learning model, creating an opportunity for hands-on activities and discussion. Projector and audio Question: I believe this presentation would great for all of the above but on allows you to pick one category. Sessions will be accepted at this time with a focus on students, freelancers, officials, or CART/caption.

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Eligible for .1 CEU through NCRA

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Vanessa Dixon

Ms. Dixon is a Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at California State University, Long Beach, since 2014. Ms. Dixon has over twenty years of experience in both policing and academia. Beginning her career as a police officer in the City of Lowell, MA, where she served as a patrol officer for over 10 years. In 2004 Vanessa Dixon transitioned to a teaching career serving as a Professor of Criminal Justice at Middlesex Community College (MCC) in Massachusetts, attaining tenure in 2010. While at MCC, Ms. Dixon received several national certifications from; The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI); Welcoming Diversity and Controversial Issue Process; New England Center for Inclusive Teaching (NECIT); Faculty Development for service learning; and inclusive teaching as an advanced instructor with the Ford Foundation Fellows. Ms. Dixon has served as the Criminal Justice Chair of the Computer Forensics Advanced Technology Education Program, as a Faculty and Staff Diversity Trainer and on the Faculty Staff Association Board. In 2012, Professor Dixon was awarded the National Faculty Member of the year for Outstanding Excellence in Academia, from Westwood College, in California. Professor Dixon presents and consults nationwide on sociological topics, with an expertise in the areas of implicit bias, youth trauma, child abuse and prevention, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Professor Dixon designed an eight-hour Implicit Bias Course for both Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties and is currently training their Probation Department through experiential techniques and innovative learning activities. Ms. Dixon is an active Board Member for the Child Abuse Prevention Center of Orange County, CA, sharing her passion and knowledge with at risk youth and their families.

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