Reporting Federal Criminal Grand Jury – Individual Session

Giant drug busts, drug cartels, murder, the dark web, human trafficking, tax evasion, and pyramid schemes are just a few of the matters you'll hear if you're a federal grand jury reporter.  Learn what it is like to work alongside special agents from the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, IRS, Homeland Security, and more.  This session will lift the veil on these highly confidential proceedings by walking you through impaneling the jury for their 18-month term all the way to a true bill finding.  Interested in reporting federal criminal grand jury?  We'll wrap up the session with information about who to contact to start the process.

Member Price:  $19.00

Nonmember Price:  Not available to nonmembers.

Eligible for .1 CEU through NCRA

Click HERE to register for individual sessions.  Click HERE to register for the full convention for $159.


Tamara Sumpter

Tamara has been a licensed court reporter since January of 1993, beginning her career as a freelancer, then owning a firm from 2005 to 2020, and most recently transitioning to an official reporter for the County of Tulare.

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