CSR Exam Prep Course: Professional Practice

Two court reporters, Kaitlyn Houston and Lauren Biggins present a study guide to help prepare you for California CSR/Professional Practice portion of the exam. This webinar is open to all speed levels.

Members:  $25.00

Nonmembers:  $55.00

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Kaitlyn Houston

Kaitlyn is a licensed CSR in Northern California finishing up her third year of reporting. While working in both depositions and civil/criminal court, she is also heavily involved with the management and production side of reporting through her family firm. She is the program coordinator for the Each One Reach Mentoring Program through CCRA and has an extra soft spot for students. She enjoys sharing her experiences and unique view of the reporting industry with students and new reporters in an effort to cultivate their passion for the profession.

Lauren Biggins

Lauren Biggins has been a licensed court reporter in California since 2017.  She grew up in Riverside, California, but now works and lives in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Lauren started her career in CART captioning, and about a year later became a deposition reporter.  She has a passion for stenography and enjoys helping court reporting students achieve their goals.

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